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Dogecoin į bitcoin instant. How It Works?

Quickex is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that provides the best crypto-to-crypto rates on the market.

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How does Quickex work? In the span of milliseconds, the robot makes bids and asks on the trading platforms, then selects and suggests the best available rate and displays the estimated rate on our site.

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The system fixes the rate for 15 minutes so the user has enough time to make the transaction. Thus, the exchange rate at the time of a transaction equals the estimated rate that you see when you begin a transaction. What currencies does Quickex accept?

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More crypto and fiat currencies are to be added soon. Does Quickex fix currency rates? Yes, we fix the estimate exchange rate for 15 minutes to allow our users to execute their transactions at the expected rate.

What is the wallet address? A wallet is a vault where you store cryptocurrency coins and tokens. A wallet address is a randomly generated combination of digits and letters that is dogecoin į bitcoin instant with a particular wallet.

Quickex does not provide wallet addresses and never stores user deposits.

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To exchange cryptocurrencies on Quickex, you need to provide a wallet address where the exchanged currency can be transferred to after the exchange is over. How do I get a wallet address? Just figure out what coin do you want to buy and seek for a stable wallet that supports this coin. As a rule, each coin has its official wallet client. Note that each wallet has its unique address or a tag with a private key that is required to restore your wallet if it was lost. Quickex never asks you to btc icx your private keys.

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Store them in a safe place and never show to anyone. Once private keys are stolen, your wallet with all the coins is lost forever.

What is destination address? Destination address is the address of the wallet to which Quickex will send the exchanged cryptocurrency after the exchange transaction is complete. How do I buy coins?

Versti aprašą atgal į anglų Jungtinės Valstijos.

The buying process is the same for all coins available on Quickex: Go to quickex. Input the destination address and the refund address. Double-check everything carefully. Now your transaction has been initiated. The system fixes the rate for 15 minutes to allow you to complete the transaction at the estimated rate. You will see a QR code and a wallet address below.

This is the address to which you need to send the currency you want to exchange. If you use a mobile wallet app, you can just scan the QR code we provide.

Exchange cryptocurrency instantly at the best rate

Usually it takes us minutes to complete a transaction. In some cases, wait time may be increased because of network delays. After transaction is finished, you get a receipt with an output transaction hash see transaction details.

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This hash is a proof that your transaction is finished. When should I receive my money?

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Quickex transactions take minutes to be processed. If transaction is large worth over 1 BTCprocessing may take longer, depending on the size of your transaction and blockchain capacity.

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As a rule, our transactions take minutes to be processed. If your transaction takes longer, this could be due to various reasons including: Blockchain is overloaded. There are many transactions waiting to go through, including yours. This issue occurs on the bitcoin and bitcoin-based blockchains.

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Unfortunately, the only thing to do is wait it out. Quickex dogecoin į bitcoin instant no control over blockchain overloads.

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Coin updates. We may turn off some coins to update their clients. This can take some time. Dogecoin į bitcoin instant will get your money as soon as we turn it back on.

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DDoS attacks. Every platform is subject to such attacks. Unfortunately, in this case the only thing to do is wait it out. Why is my transaction still waiting for payment if I've already paid? There are several reasons this might be happening: The transaction hasn't been included to a blockchain. Cryptocurrencies aren't stable, so minor errors sometimes occur.

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If this happens we will either refund your money or push the payment through if you can provide the hash of your transaction. Otherwise your transaction will get stuck.

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Other internal errors. Even our well-made system can lag or experience internal issues. If you believe that might be the case, please report it to [email protected] How do I cancel my transaction? Unfortunately, blockchain transactions are irreversible.

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Once a transaction is made money is sent to a particular wallet addressit cannot be rolled back. If you are going to exchange cryptocurrency, be sure to double-check all payment details carefully before sending.

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Is the process of exchange automated or executed manually by operator? No registration. No hidden commission. Exchange cryptocurrency at the best rate Company.