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    Platform regulation Stumbled upon very interesting bitcoin manifestas and here is the part related to personal data: Prof. Shoshana Zuboff from Harvard says that personal data should be treated like body organs and as bitcoin manifestas human right rather than as an asset that can be bought or sold.

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    According to Zuboff, no corporation should be allowed to use private… Read More »Platform regulation Price and Behaviour I noticed a funny thing. Sometimes I choose to buy a product because it costs more than alternatives. I do this for a number of reasons, but something tells me that one of the reasons is really really good marketing.

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    Unlike the most valuable resource of the 20th century — oil, — data is easily accessible. The list of biases that sound very familiar bitcoin manifestas many of us: Representative bias leads to a snap judgment on a question based on its apparent similarity to an earlier matter.

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    Home country bias and familiarity bias lead to an avoidance of […] Biases — how do you overcome them? Home country bias and familiarity bias lead to an avoidance of […] ETL to ELT Fivetran founder and CEO George Fraser explains how and why the pipelines that move data from source to storage — both data lake and data warehouse bitcoin manifestas have changed from the often custom and cumbersome process of ETL extract-transform-load to the more standardized and scalable ELT extract-load-transform.

    We use www. It enables us to leverage the power of self-sovereign digital identity and I strongly believe that this is the future.

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