Cycle 4: Widget Workshop in Brussels

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Students will learn the important parts of the flip video. I will use vishist btc klausimynas promethean board and document camera to help zoom in and out to see the indijos vyriausybės bitcoin on flip video. The students will then spend rest of time getting a chance to use flip videos for short little clips to help become comfortable with flip videos.

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Each group will have the chance to use different flip videos to create best picture of video. The teacher will conference with each group at least two more times to make sure they are on task, working together, and collaborating ideas.

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The teacher makes sure that the group is identifying grammar topic, giving examples, showing the examples using concrete items, and leaving the classmates to use new knowledge to apply to work. MapStudents use mindmiester to organize their ideas and the parts of speech they are to use in their videos to get a clear plan of the activities and features will be presented through the videos.

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This gives the children a chance to look at what they have and to decide on what to keep for video to teach classmates about grammar topic. They get the students back and take notes and vishist btc klausimynas make slight changes on their products.

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Finally the videos will be presented to other English teachers to observe their relevance. The only vishist btc klausimynas challenge we confronted was the lack of the equipment existed at our school and to overcome this challenge I arranged a flexible timetable for the groups to work on their design prototypes comfortably.

The time alloted for the activities was not enough for groups practices so I had to arrange some extra hours on pre-defined days to enable groups to complete their tasks in time.

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Thanks to those arrangements the groups were able to work efficiently on their prototypes. Students feedback The students have been able to learn; to create teaching videos in accordance to the needs of a specific community.

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Creativity of the students enhanced and their integration of traditional learning with computerized 21st century learning Blended Learning as well as briging three learning activities together in one story was a perfect example of innovation.

Success factors The learning story was very clear and students were well informed before the work process. Design brief was held in an easy way so ato make students understand what they were going through.

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The technologies to have been used during the work process were introduced clearly and students were given time to excel in them. The groups were created taking students learning habits and abilities into consideration so the groups worked harmoniusly and shared tasks by themselves under my guidence.

Flexible working vishist btc klausimynas enabled students to work effectively and the studets were asked not to go beyond the topic but think creatively and freely. A fair and pre arranged and rewarding assesment plan was one of the factors that turned our work into a success.

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Successful outcomes Teachers can easily observe how creative students can be if they are given the opportunity and right stuff. Creativity, working as vishist btc klausimynas team in harmony, using technology rationally, developing sense of responsibility, learning from each other without patronizing each other, learning the process of a learning activity, making thir own decisions within their groups and having their own atonomy, assessing and reflecting each other works fairly and properly were the successful outcomes of this activity for my students.

Tips and advice to other teachers A careful planning, taking students interests into account, flexible working hours,choosing suitable technology for their students age groups, guidence and positive feedback, letting students work vishist btc klausimynas their own way and finaly a careful observation would be my tips to teachers. We should keep in mind that Change start with teachers Links All our work process for this learning story can be seen on my ITEC cycle 4 blog.

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