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Btc 9, Bending Nozzles Type BTC - Dažymo, smėliavimo, glaistymo ir tinkavimo įranga ir nuoma

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Btc 9 per Unit vnt. Various nozzle bitcoin ūkininkavimo pamoka and jacket materials are available.

Venturi nozzles are the best option for increased productivity when blasting larger areas.

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Contracor Btc 9 Venturi Nozzles The double Venturi style can be regarded as two nozzles in a row with a gap and holes in between to facilitate the entry of atmospheric air into the downward part of the nozzle. The exit segment is also wider than an ordinary nozzle.

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This modification increases the size of the blast pattern and minimizes a reduction in abrasive velocity. Choice of nozzle material In the case of rough handling and use of and mineral or coal slag abrasives, tungsten carbide nozzles are the best choice for durability and economy.

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Boron carbide nozzles offer long life with optimum air and abrasive use. Boron carbide is best suited for aggressive abrasives such as aluminum oxide and selected mineral aggregates.

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Approximate Service Life in Hours Bending nozzles are used for getting inside tight or hard to reach places like corners, behind flanges or inside pipes. BTC type bending nozzles are compact and shoot out the abrasive at 45° angles.

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Made from tungsten carbide TC. Fits all Contracor nozzle holders. Characteristics: Highly wear-resistant angle type blasting nozzles. Lifetime: Up to h.

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